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America's Healthcare Crisis = Mental Health Crisis

You probably feel like you’ve tried it all. You have emotional struggles that are leaking into your daily life and it’s making you, and possibly your loved ones, unhappy. You may look into the future and not like the picture you see. This is completely understandable and it’s the state many Americans are in today. Our backwards healthcare system has burned us for years with reactive medicine as opposed to preventative. For years, the solution has been to give us a pill, instead of getting to the Root Cause of our struggle.  Post Covid-19, we now face a Mental Health Crisis by which the health care system offers us even more pills. We want to offer you something different today.

The Root Cause of Mental Health Problems

It doesn’t matter whether your issue is physical or emotional, you have to look at the root cause

Sometimes it can feel like we're on an island physically and emotionally. We don't know where to even begin. And it feels like all medicine does is mask the symptoms to a much larger problem.

Feel Like Yourself Again

It takes the entire body and mind to create a wholistic resolution to the problem...

so you can get back to being the person you know you are for the people you love. Too many of us are scared to seek help or can't find the right answers. We try and just maintain and patch things up, but it takes total mind and body approach to truly be well.

North Carolina Mental Health and Wellness Center

Alpha Mind Brain Center

AlphaMind Brain Centers is a holistic brain health and mental wellness center in Cary, NC. Using an integrated mind-brain-body approach along with state of the art, non-invasive, non-pharmacological modalities, AlphaMind works with you to develop a plan to meet your individual wellness goals. 

We promise to give you real scientifically based answers on all the questions you’ve been asking. In our free live presentation, you will even get insight into aspects of the health & wellness industry you didn’t know existed.

Alpha Mind Brain Center

Our Simple Process to Get Started

1. Attend a Free Presentation or Call To Schedule Free Evaluation

2. One on One Consultation

Every plan is personalized completely to your health goals.

3. Begin Health Journey

We will be your guide and mentor along your path towards complete health- mind, body & spirit. With our customized plan and your will to become healthy again, a lifetime of wellness and freedom is clearly in your path.

Words from Our Practice Members

Alpha Mind Brain Center has helped me I Have suffered from depression for many years I was on 2 antidepressants I am only taking one now I have had several sessions of neurofeedback it has helped me in so many ways with anxiety I have a better sleep pattern I would recommend Alpha mind brain Center and I highly recommend Kimberly and her team and the neurofeedback helps with PTSD so I highly recommend having neurofeedback.

Tracy SPractice Member of Alpha Mind Brain Centers

Highly recommend! This was life changing for my son. Cannot say enough good things about the staff at AlphaMind. You made it possible for him to attend college. He actually wants to become a neuro based mental health counselor just like you all. It truly worked for him!

Kellan AdkinsAlpha Mind Brain Centers Practice Member
Emotional Wellness: Reversing Anxiety and Depression using Scientific Approach

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