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AlphaMind began in the traditional mental health field. Kimberly, the founder of AlphaMind Wellness, realized talk therapy wasn’t fully resolving their client’s issues. The traditional form of medicine wasn’t helping things like, sleep, brain fog, and other neurological issues.

Together they came up with a system that diagnoses the root of the problem and aims to take their client not only to a place of normalcy, but to wellness and happiness.

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The Mind Behind AlphaMind

Kimberly D'Amico

Kimberly is the force behind AlphaMind Brain Centers, PLLC. Her career spans years of education and working with people form all walks of life. Rather than “talk therapy” Kimberly seeks to involve clients with more neurological approaches that engages both sides of the brain that aids in healing and restoration.

She is truly one of a kind with her Mind and Body Approach as a Functional Mental Health Clinician. Kimberly has a Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, and specialized training / certifications in Neurofeedback, HRV, CES, EMDR, LPC, Clinical Trauma, Military Counseling and Member Coaching.

Meet Our Team

Meet the incredible team we have at Alpha Mind Health Center. These people are the reason we’re able to do what we do.


Neuro Practitioner

Jerome is a Neuro Practitioner dedicated to ensuring your brain maps are read correctly and that training is conducted with the correct protocols. He is also the business manager for the AlphaMind Office and is typically the first contact for practice members. His career spans many years in assisting veteran trauma with PTSD and cognitive decline with the senior population. He also holds certifications in Personalized Medicine, Hormonal, Adrenals, Thyroid and Reproductive Modules with additional functional and wellness studies under the Doctor Amen Clinic curriculums.


Health Coach

Kristy is a Certified Holistic Health Coach through The Institute for Integrative Nutrition and SUNY Purchase College, studied functional medicine through the Institute for Functional Medicine and holds a B.A. in Psychology from Lafayette College. She is also certified as a Pilates Mat Instructor. Kristy views food as medicine and believes that taking on a personalized, integrative approach to wellness is necessary for optimal health. She looks at how all areas of your life are connected in order to not only offer nutritional advice, but also guide her clients in creating healthy lifestyle habits by achieving physical and psychological balance.



Jessy grew up eating fairly healthy, but everything completely changed once she decided to start her own family. She realized that everything she put in and on her body would affect her baby. She knew she only wanted to give him/her the absolute best, and also herself, so she could give all of her to care for her family. Changing the way she eats has changed her life, and she is so passionate about helping others do the same. Jessy is a Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach. She completed her training and certification through the Institute for Transformational Nutrition.


Health Coach

Madison is a certified health coach that learned the value of a healthy lifestyle after she and her husband were suffering from infertility for almost 3 years. After going through the wellness program in 2015 and restoring the health of her body and the balance of her hormones, she was able to conceive and give birth to her first son. Being amazed at what she had learned, she shifted her career and began coaching others to make the important shift to a healthy lifestyle that leads to the best possible health. Madison is a certified FDN Practitioner with a Bachelors degree in Marketing from A&M University.

Dr. Richard Soutar

Professional Coach

Richard has been involved in neurofeedback for more than 20 years and is the creator of the NewMind MapsDatabase Analysis Systems used by AlphaMind. Richard serves as the AlphaMind Neuro business and professional coach. As such, he ensures that all neurofeedback standards and training are executed with expected results thus achieving the “Service with Excellence Award” for ALPHAMIND BRAIN CENTERS, PLLC.

Dr. Ky Carlson

Advisory Team

Dr. Ky is the founder of the AlphaMind Wellness Curriculum and Nutritionist, Fitness and Detox Specialist holding doctor degree in chiropractic services. Ky Carlson earned his original BS in Human Anatomy in 2001. He then continued graduate studies in functional endocrinology, health, blood chemistry, physiology, and nutrition and is currently enrolled in a Ph.D. program for Integrative Medicine. Ky Carlson’s extensive research and experience in the field of functional health and wellness have earned him numerous accolades. He has over sixteen years of knowledge centered around functional health practices.
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