North Carolina Concussion Care

Smarter Care for Safer Athletes

SAFEGUARDING Brain Wellness:

Preseason baseline which may include qEEG brain map*
Concussion diagnosis
Recovery tracking/rehab performed at alphamind
Return-to-play decisions

*Full Brain Physical  and  or brain map (qEEG) determined by AlphaMind

Return-to-Play at the Right Time

“As advocates of brain wellness, here at AlphaMind, we strive to provide accessible medical care to student athletes in our community. We’ve partnered with SportGait and are using their concussion clinical decision support system to reliably measure brain wellness and sports concussions. We have Rehab equipment to support return to play, using CDC guidelines”. – Kimberly D’Amico, M’ED, LCMHC, CMCC.

  • Monitor annual brain development.
  • Compare results to baseline and others based on sex and age when a potential concussion occurs.
  • Track treatment and recovery progress, returning athletes at the right time.

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15% High School Athletes receive 1 or more concussions*
6% High School Athletes receive 2 or more concussions*
63.7% Concussions occur during competition**
592 the average high school football player receives 592 head impacts
over a season***

*CDC Self-Reported Concussions from Playing a Sport or Being Physically Active Among High School Students — USA, 2017

**CNN These high school sports have the highest concussion rates

***JAT Football Players’ Head-Impact Exposure After Limiting of Full-Contact Practices

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