EMDR  Therapy

Resolving Trauma Effectively and Permanently

Are You Ready To Process Your Trauma And Reclaim Your Life? 


  • Are you struggling to recover from a recent situational trauma such as an accident, assault, serious injury or another frightening experience?
  • Has abuse or neglect from your childhood or other past experiences affected your ability to develop a healthy, trusting relationship with yourself or others?
  • Are you easily triggered, perpetually anxious or often in either a hyper-vigilant or depressive state?
  • Have you struggled with poor self-esteem and turned to drugs, alcohol, food, sex, self-harming behaviors or other potentially harmful ways to cope with pain?
  • Are you looking for an effective treatment that can stop intrusive thoughts and frightening memories so you can feel normal and whole again?

The after-effects of trauma – whether caused by a single incident or the culmination of prolonged abuse – can be devastating, and can impact all aspects of your life. You may feel alone in your pain and ashamed by what happened to you, making it hard to connect with and trust others. Or, you may perpetually feel on edge, afraid you’ll be triggered into panic or that you’ll experience the same trauma again. Your nights might be restless and plagued with incessant thoughts or nightmares, making it hard to fall and stay asleep. You may also find yourself avoiding situations that remind you of the trauma, or turning to substances to numb your thoughts and emotions.

Countless Americans Struggle With The After-Effects Of Trauma 

Millions of Americans- roughly 60% of men and about half of all women- struggle to heal from at least one trauma in their lifetimes. Men are more likely to struggle with the after-effects of trauma following an accident, physical assault, disaster, combat or witnessing a death or injury. Women often experience trauma through sexual assaults and abuse. Following an intense traumatic experience, roughly 7 percent of the population will develop Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). People suffering from PTSD often experience flashbacks, intrusive thoughts, and nightmares. It is also common to begin avoiding people, activities and places that might trigger memories of the trauma.

You may have tried therapy in the past to work through painful feelings and memories, but still feel stuck in grief and trapped by trauma. Whether you are struggling with PTSD, feel dissociated or hyper-vigilant in the wake of a recent trauma, or were abused as a child, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) treatment can mitigate trauma symptoms and help you move forward in your life.

EMDR Treatment Can Help You Let Go Of Negative Feelings And Beliefs 

If you’re struggling to work through a trauma, EMDR treatment can help. This proven, effective treatment can help you move past your traumatic experience(s), process trauma and cultivate a calmer, more grounded and balanced life.


How long does EMDR treatment take? 

Everyone is different and responds to and processes trauma differently. However, most clients begin to see progress within 3-5 sessions of EMDR and many clients achieve their goals within 8-12 sessions of EMDR.

“I retired from the US army having served for over 15 years. I suffered from complex trauma with bouts of stress, anxiety and depression especially after I lost my daughter who was killed in an accident. For over a year of treatment, I have finally found something that worked. . My stress, anxiety and depression has lowered to a manageable level. Today, I am actually starting to feel like myself and I know that EMDR treatment is by far the only thing I ever received in the mental health that worked. Thank you AlphaMind - T.S.”

AlphaMind Client - 2020

“This is to let you know how EMDR has changed my child. We started therapy at AlphaMind and have had eight sessions to date. . My child is 15 years old and has had severe symptoms of PTSD from serious trauma. . Although talk therapy had been a little help, progress was slow and little to show for all the time spent. . Now, through EMDR my child is once again feeling happy. and the bouts of anger, and outbursts have been greatly reduced. I could not wait to tell you how much we think this therapy has helped our child” - R. F.”

AlphaMind Client 2021