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Mental Health Counseling

Based on symptoms, assessments, client goals and the results of a QEEG, every client works with an AlphaMind clinician to develop a holistic, comprehensive and individualized wellness plan.

Mental Health Counseling in Cary, North Carolina

Mental Health Counseling

Kimberly is the force behind AlphaMind Brain Centers, PLLC. Her career spans years of education and working with people form all walks of life. Rather than “talk therapy” Kimberly seeks to involve clients with more neurological approaches that engages both sides of the brain that aids in healing and restoration. She is truly one of a kind with her Mind and Body Approach as a Functional Mental Health Clinician. Kimberly has a Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, and specialized training / certifications in Neurofeedback, Wellness and Functional Health, HRV, CES, EMDR, LPC, Clinical Trauma, Military Counseling and Member Coaching.

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