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Neurofeedback is used to treat many conditions such as: ADHD and ADD, stress disorders, anxiety, panic attacks, autism, Aspergers, depression, headaches, migraines, concussions and sleep issues. It also may be used to aid memory concerns; to help individuals struggling with epilepsy, PTSD, Tourette Syndrome, obsessive/compulsive behaviors and aggression; as well as to help repair brain damage from stroke or a traumatic brain injury.

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Professional athletes, musicians, artists and business professionals use neurofeedback to improve mental performance and productivity through increased focus and stress management. Many individuals also experience the benefits like improved sleep quality, less anxiety, greater overall adaptability and cognitive processing as a result of neurofeedback training. In short, anyone can benefit from neurofeedback.


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North Carolina Neurofeedback

How Does Neurofeedback Work?

Neurofeedback teaches the brain to change itself and helps attention, mood, behavior, cognition, and more. In simple terms, neurofeedback is positive reinforcement for the brain. It teaches the brain how to be better balanced. Neurofeedback training makes use of the brain’s amazing capacity for change and its ability to reshape how it works to help us meet the challenges we face.

Although we are all born with networks of neurons and connecting fibers, our brains are constantly being shaped by experience. Repeated experience results in increased connections among neurons and in greater strength in the existing connections. These small changes, frequently enough repeated, lead to changes in how our brains work. Many university studies have shown that it is possible to change brain activity patterns through feedback guided learning.

North Carolina QEEG

The QEEG is Our State of the Art Equipment

QEEG or quantitative electroencephalogram is a type of non-invasive brain imaging. By taking topical measurements, it provides a detailed analysis of specific brainwave activity throughout the brain.

Our state of the art equipment analyzes the recorded brainwave information using large normative databases, generating a picture of the electrical activity of the entire brain. This is called a QEEG or brain map. The “Q” tells which areas of the brain are over-active, under-active, as well as which frequency bands are not being well regulated by the brain.

It is a painless procedure that provides valuable information about the structure and function of the brain in real time.

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