Conquer Your Anxiety and Depression

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The Numbers Tell a Cryptic Tale


of Americans will experience a mental illness in their lifetime.


Seek professional care after diagnosis


Average time Americans delay between symptom onset and treatment

We Will Dispel the Myths

And Lay Out the Facts

Is the medical and pharmaceutical industry really profiting from your illnesses? Have you been lied to and been given flat out WRONG advice?

It’s extremely difficult to find the right information these days. You probably have tried looking for the answers to the questions above but have fallen short on several occasions.

The goal of our seminar is to dispel all of the myths that are out there and present you with solid facts so you don’t end up being just a statistic like the ones above.

These individuals were in dire need, but they sought help, educated themselves and TRIUMPHED over their health issues

Alpha Mind Brain Center has helped me. I Have suffered from depression for many years. I was on 2 antidepressants. I am only taking one now. I have had several sessions of neurofeedback and it has helped me in so many ways, with anxiety, my sleep pattern. I would recommend Alpha mind Brain Center and I highly recommend Kimberly and her team.

Tracee Steward
Practice Member

A New Way Towards Health is Catching FIRE in America

Watch the trailer to the documentary Escape Fire, an eye opening documentary on the turbulent state of America’s health care system.

When you attend our seminar you’ll

be surrounded by like minded

individuals striving towards better health

Not only does the Conquer Your Anxiety and Depression Seminar aim to teach you about the the underlying causes of brain health issues, but you’ll also be connected with other like minded people from your own community. You’ll be in company with other individuals who are on the same path towards wellness.

As you’ll see in the trailer above, we are in a health care crisis. By coming to our Conquer Your Anxiety and Depression Seminar, you’ll learn the full details behind why this has happened.

Kimberly is the Force Behind AlphaMind Brain Centers

Her career spans years of education and working with people form all walks of life. Rather than “talk therapy” Kimberly seeks to involve clients with more neurological approaches that engages both sides of the brain that aids in healing and restoration.

She is truly one of a kind with her Mind and Body Approach as a Functional Mental Health Clinician. Kimberly has a Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, and specialized training / certifications in Neurofeedback, HRV, CES, EMDR, LPC, Clinical Trauma, Military Counseling and Member Coaching.

What You'll Learn in the Seminar...

Here are the top three things you'll learn in our Memory, Focus and Happiness Seminar. We know these topics have been debated and argued over for years. In this seminar, we'll bring you the most up to date facts and truth about these so you don't have to continue guessing over what is right.

1. The underlying cause of these BRAIN HEALTH issues and why taking medications may not correct the problem

2. The big mistakes that conventional medicine makes when treating brain fog, focus issues, and anxiety/depression

3. How our tools find the root cause of the problem, and how neurofeedback is part of the solution- a medication-free solution

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