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Wellness Coaching

Based on symptoms, assessments, client goals and the results of a QEEG, every client works with an AlphaMind clinician to develop a holistic, comprehensive and individualized wellness plan.

Wellness in North Carolina

Wellness Coaching

AlphaMind Brain Centers provides professional counseling and personal coaching services. Some of the services we provide include: Qeeg Brain Mapping, Neurofeedback, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Trauma Based Therapy, Heart Rate Variability Training, Stress Reduction, Life Transition Coaching - End of Life, Grief/Loss Coaching, Brain Health and Wellness Coaching, Peak Performance, Mindfulness and Meditation Training, Alpha/Theta Journey/Training, Cranial Electro Stimulation, EMDR Therapy, Yoga/Tai-Chi Movement Therapy, Concussion Rehap/Therapy, Nutrition Fitness and others...

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Emotional Wellness seminars Held Twice Monthly for 2021 (2nd Tuesday and 4th Thursday of every Month. As an added bonus, all callers received a $50 dollar services voucher!

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